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My favorite way to telnet
Posted 4/16/2006 9:33 AM
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I built a cable to connect my TI Silent 700 to my Linux box here at home, giving me a 300 baud local printing terminal on ttyS0. From there, I telnet into XKLeTen, and proceed to muck about!

What a wonderful feeling. It's like being there again! I highly recommend it. When last I checked, Silent 700s were still pretty cheap and easily available from places like eBay

Next week, I'm picking up a Teletype Model 43 KSR, and I intend to try the same thing with it! Now if anyone has any spare DEC LA36's they'd like to part with...

Seth Morabito
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Posted 4/22/2006 8:36 AM
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Some years back (circa 1988 or so), when I was working in DEC-10 development in Marlboro, I wanted to re-create the Teletype access experience. I had come into a working KSR-33, and had a MicroVAX I at home with a 4-port DZQ11 on it. SO....

The teletype went on one serial port (via a current-loop to RS232 adapter).

The DEC-supplied 9600 baud modem went on another.

Dial in, connect to KL1026 (the DEC-10 development box), and bathe in the memories. (Even in 1988!)

I suppose if I wanted to telnet in a more useful way, I'd probably get a hold of some genuine DEC VT terminals, like the VT52, VT102, VT220, and use them on serial ports through a Linux box.

John Francini
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