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Thanks for the Memories
Posted 1/15/2007 4:41 PM
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Just found this site via a DECalumni mailing list. I can't wait to logon to a 10 again - working on a TOPS-10 machine at Ramada Inns was my first job out of college in 1977 and after working with punch cards and batch I thought I had died and gone to heaven when using my ADM33 dumb terminal connected to our "Smart8" from DCA(Digital Communications Assoc.) The Smart8 was the precursor to the terminal server - allowed you to switch between 3 DEC10s from one terminal. Once I started working as a systems programmer I decided I had to "fix" the way some of the command lines worked - what a hoot to be able to write operating system code. Our shop was about 50% DEC code and 50% Ramada code as we had written a tightly integrated hotel reservation system that ran on the 10s.

I worked in Nirvana for about 7 years until management decided we needed to migrate to IBM mainframes - so I said goodbye and went to work for DEC, figuring that I would never have to work on another O/S if I worked for the manufacturer - wrong! I supported TOPS-10 and DECnet-10 for about 18 months when we got the word the product line had been killed in favor of the new mini called a VAX! Realizing that VMS would never be as good as TOPS-10, I switched over to networks and wound up having to use Windows as my user platform (ugghh - sorry Paul). So now I'm totally out of the hardware or software game doing enterprise architectures.

Its amazing when you look back to see the sorts of things we took for granted on the 10s so many people think are some sort of new invention - like email, instant messaging, etc. Not new ideas - just new names.

Can't wait to get my ppn!

Former TOPS-10 support from MR1
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