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KLDCP for DECsystem 1090 on DECtape
Posted 5/29/2007 10:36 AM
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Does anyone happen to have a copy of KLDCP and the various -10 and -11 diagnostics (on DECtape) that were included with that distribution? I'm an ADP "alumnus" and instead of using RSX-20F on the front-ends of our KLs we used KLDCP (the rest of the connectivity being handled via shared-memories).

KLDCP was a lot simpler than RSX-20, and allowed a magnificent range of control over the -10 from the -11 (possibly more so than RSX-20 as KLDCP was primarily a *diagnostic* environment). It also allowed the 11/40 front-end to be booted even if the -10 was disconnected (RSX-20F barks and refuses to go into full execution if it can't see the DTE-20), which would be very useful as RCS/RI try to get the front-end to our 1090 "ready for action".
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